We're live

We're live

The world just got smaller

11 weeks old, over $2m processed, heavily backed by investors, what's next?

Quick introduction

Payday makes it extremely easy for Africans to Send and Receive money from anyone (friends, family, employers, clients etc), anywhere in the world.

With Payday, Africans can also pay Tuition, Application, & SEVIS fee in the US, UK & Canada

Payday is faster & a lot more affordable than all other remittance services out there. You receive your cash in ~1 minute!

The Team

Meet the team disrupting the fintech industry of Sub-Saharan Africa and helping you move money across the globe.


The Platform

One Dashboard, Global Access

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Key features

  1. Create a Virtual Mastercard: Signing up or renewing your favourite subscription-based services globally now comes with zero stress using our USD virtual Mastercard. Shop anywhere from anywhere.

  2. Send money within & beyond Africa: : Send Money to Rwanda, Kenya, Uganda & Nigeria without any hitch. We are swiftly expanding to new countries

  3. Get Paid by foreign Employers & Clients: Are you an employee or freelancer? Avoid delayed salaries or contract payments, accept swift payments from your foreign clients and employers using Payday's Request Feature

  4. Pay Tuition & Fees in the US, UK & Canada: It's hard enough getting that admission. Experience no more delays in paying your international tuition fees when you use our App.

  5. Hold your money in USD for more stable spending

Get started

Download Payday and get started in 2 minutes max

iOS: apps.apple.com/us/app/payday-africa/id15738..

Android: play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.u..

Website: usepayday.com


How to use:

Watch the video below to get started



To our global investors, partners, & entire community, we are super grateful for the trust you've placed in us. Our mission stays the same, which is to Connect Africans with Global Opportunities. We're keen on pushing this! To Tomiwa Lasebikan, you are a legend. Thanks for your support from day 1.

Stay safe ❤️ Favour Ori, CEO Payday